• from 1870...

    ...the farm Fedrizzi Cipriano produces wine
    from its own vineyards for 5 generations.

  • Tradition & Quality

    The farm Fedrizzi Cipriano making wine from the grapes from their own vineyards in the Piana Rotaliana in Trentino, for five generations.

About Us

Tha Family Fedrizzi

The farm Fedrizzi Cipriano produces wine from its own vineyards for 5 generations. In the first half of 1800 my great grandfather began the story of the farm "Fedrizzi Cipriano".

The first vinification started in 1870. The varieties grown were Pinot grigio, Lagrein, Teroldego. The farm management was familiar. From 1994 the farm decided to base the production on the quality.

We decided to reduce the yield per hectare, apply new agronomic practices, introduce new vinification techniques and other shrewdnesses to obtain a better product. Now, the farm is managed by Giovanni Fedrizzi, who attended "Istituto agrario San Michele a/A" in order to continue to run the farm. Giovanni has still his father's knowledge and experience.

About Us


The current surface with vineyards is 6,5 ha, located in Piana Rotaliana. The production areas are: Entichiar, Teroldeghe and Campazzi. The main farming system is still "Trentina double pergola", where the vineyards has on average 40-45 years.

This aging and the agronomic techniques permits an optimal vegetative and productive equilibrium. Thanks to this it is possible to obtain wines with a high structure and with an excellent alcohol content. Recently it has been realized a new Teroldego vineyards, where the soil wasn't so suitable for this cultivation.

For this reason we used rootstocks with a medium and a low forcefulness in order to conform the vegetative and productive equilibrium of the future vineyards. To try to improve the wine characters we adopted a new farming system: guyot. This choice brought to a production of wine with more mature tannins, more elegant wines and with a right equilibrium.

Native varieties

The choice to produce only two native varieties is due to the fact that Teroldego finds in Piana Rotaliana his ideal habitat. Also Lagrein finds in Rotaliana's fields the optimal conditions to produce wine with a high personality.