Grapes: Teroldego Rotaliano
Denomination: D.O.C. Teroldego Rotaliano
Vineyards: located in Mezzolombardo (Piana Rotaliana)
* surface: 2,8 ha - 3300-5500 stumps/ha - plant density 0,60x5,00 - 0,90x2,00
* altitude: 229 m - orientation south/east
Farming system: "Trentina double pergola", guyot
Planting year: 1985-2000
Yield per hectare: 100/110 q/ha
Soil: alluvial.
Harvest: manual in bins with selections of grapes through vineyard at the beginning of October
Vinification: grapes are pressed, destemmed and put in stainless thermo conditioned steel containers to ferment. It is made daily pumping over and some delastage.
Maturing: in durmast barrels of medium capacity from 6 to 12 months in order to get a correct wine evolution and give to the product elegance, refinement and structure. The reason why we use wood barrels of medium capacity (30 hl) is that we want to obtain a correct evolution of our red wines. This is dictated by an essential oxygen action and a measured giving of wood compounds to the wine (this permits the flavouring without changing the varietal character).
Aging: in bottles for 6 months
Wine character: deep ruby red colour with a fruity aromas of raspberry, cherry and blackberry. In the mouth we can distinguish the typical varietal characteristic and the wine aging in wood barrels.
Alcohol content: 13%Vol.

Teroldego Rotaliano, defined as "first wine of Trentino", finds in Piana Rotaliana's fields the ideal climate conditions in order to get the best ripening. The quality of our products starts in fields, choosing different farming system, like guyot, and taking care of every single detail of our vineyards. We try to create in the bunch of grapes the best balance, minimizing the use of chemical products in cave, to obtain a wine that expresses the territorial identity and his qualitative characteristic.
The varietal expression combined to a correct aging in wood barrels of medium capacity makes this wine unique.