Grapes: Teroldego
Denomination: D.O.C. Teroldego Rotaliano
Vineyards: located in Mezzolombardo (Piana Rotaliana)
* surface: 1,4 ha - 3300 stumps/ha - plant density 0,60x5,00
* altitude: 229 m - orientation south/east
Farming system: "Trentina double pergola"
Planting year: 1985
Yield per hectare: 110 q/ha
Soil: alluvial
Harvest: manual in bins with selections of grapes through vineyard at the end of September-beginning of October
Vinification: the primary alcoholic fermentation is generated by natural yeasts. The maceration occurs in less than 5 days, during which we do some pumping over. At the fifth or sixth day the wine, that has still residual sugar, is separated from marcs and let it complete his alcoholic fermentation. After 20-25 days the secondary fermentation starts, malolactic fermentation, without the addition of selected yeasts.
Maturing: in cement tanks for 5-7 months.
Aging: in bottles for 4 months.
Wine character: deep ruby red colour; a wine, with a deep fruity aromas, but at the same time not ordinary. Teroldigo is obtained with very ripe grapes and for this reason the colour is very deep, unlike the wine produced in the fifties by my father.
Alcohol content: 13%Vol.

Teroldigo is a name that tell a long tradition of the family Fedrizzi. With this wine we want to express the real essence of Teroldego, telling his story through the natural aroma given by grapes and his yeasts. In Teroldigo it can be found the authenticity of this variety, given by grapes produced in a polyclonal vineyard, wanted by the owner Giovanni. We produce wine with a method used by our family up to the fifties of the last century, making fermentations in cement tanks without adding any kind of selected yeasts.
We can define Teroldigo as a "an ancient wine for a modern drink"!