Grapes: Lagrein
Denomination: D.O.C. Trentino Lagrein
Vineyards: located in Mezzolombardo (Piana Rotaliana)
* surface: 0,5ha - 2800 stumps/ha - plant density 0,70x5,20
* altitude: 229 m - orientation south/east
Farming system: pergola doppia trentina.
Planting year: 1960-1970
Yield per hectare: 100/110 q/ha
Soil: alluvial.
Harvest: manual in bins with selections of grapes through vineyard at the end of September.
Vinification: grapes are pressed, destemmed and put in stainless thermo conditioned steel containers to ferment. It is made daily pumping over and some delastage. The maceration lasts 10 days. The malolactic fermentation starts approximately 25-30 days later and thanks to the use of sulphites and the control of temperature we don't use selected malolactic bacteria.
Maturing: in small durmast barrels for 12-18 months.
Aging: in bottles for 7-8 months.
Wine character: deep ruby red colour, a delicate and fruity aroma. With an elegant structure, soft tannins and young freshness.
Alcohol content: 13%Vol.

In the "campo Rotaliano" the Lagrein has found perfect production conditions for a wine with a strong personality. The long-time fermentation, gives to the wine a ruby intense colour, a fruity smell and a full-bodied flavour which makes this wine perfect for red kind of meats. Serve at 18 degree.